Mid-June ’16: Update Chicago

I am so excited! I’m taking my third official trip to Chicago! I’m calling it Update Chicago (I know…I am super creative. I’m also running on 4 hours of sleep so I may or may not be delirious. I also may or may not be sleep-typing.) I’ve been to Chicago twice before, both times about a decade ago just for a weekend in an outer suburb, Schaumburg. They were enjoyable with the beautiful weather, a great meal at The Rainforest Café, and a much superior meal at Uno Pizzeria & Grill. But I really haven’t gotten a true, authentic Chi-Town experience. Until tomorrow when I fly to my beloved home for the next week.

I have a TON of plans. We’ll see how they pan out. Check out my update vlog for the details! Don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube. And if you are interested in some live check-ins, I will be Snapchatting the adventures so scan my picture on my homepage! Plus, I am very much excited for several Chi-Town vlogs I have planned by the time all is said and done. So don’t fuhgettaboutit (wait…wrong state!) and make sure to catch my coming escapades! AmeriCanYa? Chicago, the answer is, “I’m comin’ atcha so Heck Ya!”

See you guys soon! This has been an Update Chicago! (Admit it…it’s starting to catch on right? Time to go sleep-eat a pie.)

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