8 Instagram Hacks to Avoid in Following Others

Tricksters are plentiful on Instagram, and they aim to collect your followership by any means possible. That includes Instagram hacks to try to snatch your followership.

My prior Instagram video on key statistics and the algorithm discussed the trends and the importance of relationship management. As I thought through that topic, I realized people use a lot of tricks to get me to follow them (and then unfollow if that was the method). I’m not joking in saying that the many techniques work to enormous success which is why you see individuals with tens of thousands of followers. The majority use some of the below tricks, but I think you’ll be surprised by the list.

While I compiled a basic definitions list below, please don’t cheat yourself out of not viewing my video which goes into a lot of detail behind each of these Instagram hacks. Of really high note is a little fact on Instapods that may make you reconsider ever using them.

Without any further ado, let’s move to the list!

The Not-So-Great Eight Instagram Hacks

Instagressing – Automating likes, comments, follows, and unfollows to garner attention and followers while maintaining a good follower-to-following ratio.

Instapods – Groups of people who immediately engage with new posts to push Instagram to feature the posts in hashtag Top 9 photo blocks and the Explorer page. Also known as comment pods.

Instapoaching – Utilization of a hashtag that has no relation to the picture posted in order to gain attention of a specific population.

Insta-Drip Marketing (or, in a fun name Insta-Spread Eagle) – Using automation, significantly spreading out the time between a follow, a like, and a comment to increase the probability that an Instagrammer will see the individual interacting with their posts.

Instabingeing – Posting many pictures in quick succession to garner attention and likes as well as use the algorithm to quickly redirect accounts to show pictures from the binge artist.

Instalooping – Deleting pictures from an account only to repost as a standard pattern of behavior and not a singular event.

Instastealing – Using someone else’s photography as their own (usually without giving credit).

Insta-Bait-n-Switch – Posting beautiful pictures of one theme to gain followers and then abruptly changing names and photo posts to an entirely new topic (often spam advertising).

A Written Conclusion

Make sure to watch the video for more details on these Instagram hacks. Obviously, there are a lot of methods in existence. In fact, I probably missed a lot; but these are the ones that stood out to me. Lots of uncoolness, ladies and gents. Lots of uncoolness. Growing an account takes a lot of hard work; not just pressing an automate button.

What did I miss in this list? Have you seen other activity people use on Instagram? Comment below because I would love to hear about it!

Until next time, toodles!

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