About Me

Hiya! I’m Melissa Price, also known as Americanya Mel across the Internet and social media! I’m a travel blogger, vlogger, and all kinds of other logger! But you won’t just find me “logging” in a forest–I travel all over the Americas, challenging myself to get outside my comfort zone, learn about new peoples and cultures, and bring those learnings back home! I aspire to cultural immersion and to experience cultures on their terms and not my own. Fantastically kitschy sites, culturally inspiring grub, jaw-dropping views, and more are all up for grabs! And when I’m feeling especially feisty, I venture even further to the ends of the world…and share it all with you!

Whether travel adventures and quirkiness or travel musings and laughter, we are on a journey together! And I, for one, am excited to ride with you!

So come along and join in the fun! This is gonna be great!