Join My Blood:Water H:20 Charity Challenge Team!

That’s right! You read the title–join my Blood:Water H:20 Challenge Team! It’s for charity so you KNOW you want to dive in right now! Dive in…because it’s water, right?!

So you’re probably wondering into what, exactly, are you really diving? And you, my friend, are taking an Olympic-sized high dive straight into African charities. Blood:Water is located in the heart of Nashville, but their heart is half a world away in Africa! One of this charity’s two key goals is to provide sustainable clean drinking water systems to the 319 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa who have no access to the very life-giving liquid we too often take for granted. I, for one, am guilty of sleepily long showers in the morning or washing dishes with the water running. It’s time to give back.

I want to raise at least $500 for this charity, and I know that is incredibly achievable with your help! Join my team, and let’s meet the goal fast! (And then keep the water and money flowing!)

How long can I last? Well, my momma always said I was the stubborn child; and I plan to put that title to good use! My personal goal is mid-April, coinciding with the end of Lent; but we’ll see if I can blast past that point in the year! To mark this momentous charity start, I enjoyed my last night with some legitimate fluid action–Nutter Butter Milkshake, you complete my peanutty heart! And now, with my milkshake bootin’ all the boys from my yard, it’s time to shine some American heart and soul on sunny Sub-Saharan Africa. Let’s make it rain!

So kick off your shoes and haphazardly toss that glass of vintage pinot out onto the street. Whip out your trusty iPod Nano and cue your epic song of preference. And finally, click my team link; and join in all the watery fun! The next 20 days are going to be the time of your life…no I never felt like this before.

Uh…dude? You picked Dirty Dancing’s theme for your epic song? *insert discreet fist bump*

Comment below if you joined my team, and let me know! Let’s make this the longest commented post on my site!

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