Hello America! Hello Americanya.com! Hello World!

Brazilian Artichoke & Pesto Stuffed Hashbrowns...that's the ticket!
Brazilian Artichoke & Pesto Stuffed Hashbrowns…that’s the ticket!

And so it begins! Americanya.com is my vlogging blog (or is that blogging vlog?!) all about my voyages in America and beyond with a hearty dose of Americana!

I look so very forward to exploring with you and learning all of what makes America and us unique! Americanya will focus on a TON of questions I’ve been asking myself recently.

Is Americanya a concept of America? Is it a question of where we’re going? Can ya see or do something Americanya? And is that something the next kitschy landmark on a road trip or a double dog dare? Can ya hear or touch something Americanya? And is that something a classic American jam session or letting the ocean wash over your toes? Does it taste like fresh baked sourdough bread…or 12-hour cherry-smoked BBQ brisket…or something more exotic?  (I hope so…and I hope it smells like all of that too!)

Is it about getting out of your comfort zone and shoving aside your personal safety bubble? Is it a distant place or a new friend from that distant place? Is it about experiencing all things merely Americana? Or is it about experiencing all things North and South Americana? Or does it even challenge can ya as an American visit the ends of the earth? And can all of that help you craft a more complete American life? Would that life be more abundant and authentic? And could I live in that life and those moments?

Can ya really pursue…Americanya, Mel? Can ya? It’s a question beckoning to me like a whisper behind my back in the day and a lone wolf howling in the middle of the night.  So can ya…can I?  I aim to find out!

This site and content is still in its VERY early stages of construction.  So stay tuned as I build, create, and grow.  We’ll have content soon enough!  Happy travels!  And welcome again…to Americanya!


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  1. I love this message and this concept! I love exploring America and find that most “travelers” overlook the wonderful things that the US has to offer, especially rural, small town USA. I look forward to following along in the journey!

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