Hotel Allegro: Downtown Chicago Travel Happiness

Well, hello Hotel Allegro, my quiet 4-star Chicago sanctuary deep in the heart of downtown! You certainly weren’t fibbing about your name, and you were utter happiness when my tired feet trudged all the way to Floor 18 (via fast elevator, thank heavens) for some much-needed rest! What a great experience!

I was ecstatic from the moment I laid eyes on the Hotel Allegro, likely due to a lengthy travel day and directional disorientation after exiting an L-train station for the first time. But the hotel was incredibly close–perhaps two blocks away–from the Clark/Lake station for which I was extremely thankful. Walking the final two blocks, though short, is never fun after a full travel day. But I gritted my teeth (go me!), stumbled 2 blocks, and took the short elevator ride up one floor to instantly see the lobby. A quick ‘n’ cheery check-in, glance at the awesome looking social bar area, and ride to the 18th floor allowed me to plop on the bed at lightning speed!

The room was small and quaint. For a travel blogger, that’s as much as I need. If you’re more than just two, you may want a larger room though. This is a suite stay meant comfortably for single travelers and cozy for couples.


Regardless, give me a clean, cozy bed with cool pillows and a hot shower; and you have my heart. Hotel Allegro nailed those elements in muggy Chicagoan 90-degree heat. Beyond that, the stylish room housed paintings, classy wallpaper, and even wine glasses with the ice bucket! Can you say posh? I sure did as I swam on my bed in a wonderful sea of 12 dozen pillows.

Equally impressive, the hotel contains conference rooms on the lower levels.


While not staying for a conference, I could see they filled the needs in fashionable spaces much more expansive than my room. Every space in the hotel invited me to linger just a few moments longer to taste that fine Chicagoan panache. That includes the bar area; social butterflies will love the nighttime social hours the bar offers where you can mingle with other guests to your heart’s content. Or about 10:00-11:00 p.m. Whichever comes first.


And the paintings everywhere? Wow! At times, I felt like I was in an art museum with all of the fancy décor! Based on all of the delightful areas I found open for exploration, I can only imagine the classiness a deluxe suite would offer guests.

Finally, the centralized location was an absolute godsend on this trip. I discovered that every line of the L-train system stops at Clark/Lake meaning you can reach the city easily with this hotel’s close proximity to that station. Forget many transfers and much orienting yourself to the train system. Just buy your Ventra train ticket and go. Wrigley Field, The Gold Coast, and The Garfield Park Conservatory were all within my grasp via the trains; and Millennium Park, the Riverwalk, and the Magnificent Mile were short walks away. For convenience and a price typically hovering around $150.00 (as of this post, I’m seeing dates for $119.00), you cannot beat the package this hotel presents.

Headed to downtown Chicago? Add this hotel to your short list. Just make sure you leave a room available for me!

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