13 Desert Botanical Garden Tips for Your Best Visit Possible!

If you’re visiting Phoenix, Arizona, there are two must-visit sites–the Musical Instrument Museum and the Desert Botanical Garden. Or so I’ve heard. Frankly, there are a ton of sites to see. But those are the two that captured my attention (both via the Web and via local recommendations!). If you are looking for a combination of exercise, a large array of desert foliage, and great architectural design, this is a great Phoenix site to see! But what do you need to know before you go? Read on!

Desert Botanical Garden Tips – Saving Money

Desert Botanical Garden Entrance

  • Earn Free Admission Via The Culture Pass – When you discover that a city’s library system offers free passes to local cultural exhibits, you go and get free passes to local cultural events! Phoenix has this exact program, and the Desert Botanical Garden is just one of the local attractions currently participating. Check the Culture Pass out for yourself and enjoy free entertainment!
  • Earn Free Admission Via Military Status! – Are you an active member of the United States Military? First, thank you for your service! Second, enjoy free admission to the Desert Botanical Garden with your active government-issued ID! You can use this for one ticket, but keep in mind that this freebie offer isn’t valid for special events.
  • Earn Free Admission Via Community Day – Guess what? Even if you aren’t a local nor an active member of the military, you can still gain free entry twelve times per year. On the second Tuesday of each month, the Desert Botanical Garden hosts Community Day! Plan your trip around this time period and enjoy the DBG the way the in-the-know locals do–for free!
  • Purchase a Membership – Do you live in Phoenix? Will you be able to visit more than just once per year? Consider purchasing a membership, and you’ll receive free entry all year! With that kind of offer, it won’t take very long to make that investment fully worth it!
  • Earn Discounted Admission Via Online Searches – If you aren’t able to take advantage of any of the above freebie tips, at least check a search engine to see if you can find any discounts. (Or, like I said, purchase a DBG membership!)

Desert Botanical Garden Tips – Health

Desert Botanical Garden Cacti

  • Drink Water (Lots of Water) – Unlike the Musical Instrument Museum, this is an outdoor exhibit featuring the best of…well, deserts. Make sure to stay hydrated because dehydration can strike unexpectedly in desert conditions. Thankfully, the Desert Botanical Garden has locations where you can replenish those fluids throughout the Garden.
  • Wear Sunscreen (Lots of Sunscreen) – For full disclosure (as if you needed that), I am blindingly white. I recommend fresh-from-store sunscreen. Fresh-from-store sunscreen–the one you trust from the store you know from the in-blog commercial you love! Yes, that was cheesy and tongue-in-cheek. Yes, seriously apply and reapply sunscreen throughout the day. It’s the desert. It’s sunny. That’s how the sun rolls.
  • Wear Other Strategic Items – Do you have walking shoes? Do you have a hat? Do you have sunglasses? Wear them and anything else that may provide an edge to you in dodging the desert heat, sunburns, UV rays, and other sunny staples.

Desert Botanical Garden Tips – Timing & Scheduling

  • Arrive Early or Late – Arriving early can mean fewer visitors. I can also vouch that late afternoon seems to have fewer people at the Garden. I visited in March on a Sunday afternoon. Noon featured a lot of visitors. Late afternoon had a lot less which created easier maneuverability!
  • Visiting During the Winter Season Means Cooler Temperatures – Avoiding the summer months will mean avoiding a lot of the extreme heat. However, you’ll surely encounter a lot of snowbirds. I think that’s a fair trade.
  • Arrive Early for Mobility/Comfort Rentals – If you need them, the Desert Botanical Garden has items like wheelchairs and umbrellas for rent. However, you may want to time your arrival accordingly. They do not have a limitless supply.

Desert Botanical Garden Tips – Did You Know…?!

Desert Botanical Garden Phoenix AZ Butterfly Exhibit

  • Have a Green Thumb? Check Out the Horticulture Classes – Or even if you don’t have a green thumb, check out the classes so that you can learn the horticulture trade or beyond. They are fairly inexpensive; and if you are a member, they are even cheaper! Some of the classes you may find include topics like home landscape design, homemade power bars, and painting via watercolor on vellum. With that kind of variety, you are sure to find something new to learn and love!
  • Adventurous? Check Out the Remote Events – They aren’t as cheap as if you went on the adventure yourself; but bird-spotting, petroglyphs, and exploring the Aravaipa Canyon are representative offerings. If you’re looking to leave the city for a short trip, these are great options. Naturally, they are less expensive if you’re a member. (In fact, a membership may pay for the difference in price!)


Phoenix, Arizona‘s Desert Botanical Garden is well-worth the time, and I hope you have found this article helpful in your trip preparationl! Do you have any tips you can share with us? Comment below, and let’s hear them! Until next time, toodles!

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