Cumberland Falls State Park: Why You Should Visit!

Cumberland Falls State Park is an enjoyable day visit park in Southeastern Kentucky. However, you should really consider making it an enjoyable multiple day visit inclusive of a special night or two! Special night? That’s 100% right! Read on to learn more!

Cumberland Falls State Park Day Trips

Cumberland Falls

Cumberland Falls is known as The Niagara of the South and was as much fun for me as Cummins Falls State Park in Tennessee. While Cummins Falls offers close views and waterfall interactivity after a lengthy and occasionally difficult hike, Cumberland Falls offers multiple vistas along the Cumberland River and a shorter and easier hike. In fact, I would say the main overlook to see Cumberland Falls is definitely a short walk and fairly wheelchair accessible. And it is spectacular. With a 125-foot wide mouth and 69-foot drop full of rushing water, the falls loudly lets visitors know its might!

Hikes aside, the state park also offers kayaking on the river and your standard array of other parks activity. You can find horseback riding, fishing, and other sporting activities to occupy your time. But you don’t want to miss a key draw–the moonbow. And the moonbow can only be seen at night!

Cumberland Falls State Park’s Hallmark: The Moonbow

I mentioned night trips at the beginning of this article, and you’ll want to stay at least a night around the area. Perhaps two nights! And you’ll want to time your trip based on the calendar found in at the Cumberland Falls State Park website. Cumberland Falls is the only place in the Western Hemisphere where you can see moonbows. Briefly, a moonbow can be seen for approximately one week per month (moonbow seasons) during clear evenings with a full moon and a strong waterfall throughput. The spray from the falls and the light reflected from the moon combine to create a pure white rainbow. Long shutter photography can force the emergence of traditional rainbow colors. It is spectacular, and I was disappointed to not be able to see this display. Alas, the once-per-month moonbow season didn’t align with my trip to see the nearby World Chicken Festival and the Original KFC Museum in London, KY and Corbin, KY, respectively.

Take advantage of the calendar and the multiple lodging options at the park or in nearby Corbin, KY or London, KY. For a visitor to the area, a Cumberland Falls experience is just missing a little something without that magical moonbow. To make the visit even more special, look into a voyage on the river via kayaking or rafting!


This a short article this time, but I hope you understand a little about a major component to visiting The Niagara of the South. The spray is alluring, and the din is intense. But the moonbow is spectacular and a “can’t miss.” Have you seen the Cumberland Falls moonbow? Share about your experience below! I would love to hear from a firsthand viewer! Until next time…toodles!

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